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About me

About me

I'm Christian Apel, a software engineer who lives in Gaggenau, close to Baden-Baden. I have graduated with a diploma in Business Information Systems from the Hochschule Karlsruhe - University of Applied Sciences. In the following five years, I have worked on international software development projects at init innovation in traffic systems in Karlsruhe. Since then I'm working for Citrix, where I'm a member of the SaaS division in Karlsruhe.

I love to experiment with all kind of photography techniques and digital image processing. And because I don't want to miss a chance to take an interesting picture, I mostly have a camera ready to hand. Some of my favorite images are shown in the gallery below.

I don't care much about Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the other social networks. But if you are interested in a profile, you can find me on the following two websites:

  • Xing logo

    Social business networking platform

  • GitHub logo

    Git hosting service for software development projects

Christian behind his camera


In the past 14 years, I've been passionate about taking pictures. I have used digital compact cameras for quite a few years, but in the meanwhile I have finally moved to a digital SLR. Using this device, I can much more experiment with the additional technical capabilities. Beside that I'm interested in all kind of techniques to enhance my pictures and to emphasize interesting details.

The following gallery is showing some of my favorite pictures.



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